Hostgator Hosting Reviews

Affordable Web Hosting from HostGator

Hostgator RewiewWeb sites have become paramount for many businesses and organizations due to the opportunities the online market offers. Choosing a hosting provider or becoming a provider has never been easier or more affordable than it is with Host Gator. Host Gator is a prominent provider of many web hosting services, and is a world-leading hosting provider. They are based in Texas with a client base that spans over 200 countries and currently hosts over two million domains.

Support is offered 24/7 every day of the year for each of the web hosting plans they offer. The support staff is nothing short of impressive, prompt, and will gladly hold your hand every step of the way. Host Gator even offers a 45-day, money back and 99.9% uptime guarantee. They have also received countless awards in just seven short years of operation in recognition of their top-notch performance. Host Gator easily provides you with multiple web options that are built to accommodate most any need or budget.

Unlimited web hosting plans start out at just $4.95 a month. Several plans are available but all include unlimited disk space and bandwidth. These plans differ by how many domains can be hosted and whether you need a shared vs. dedicated SSL and IP. Some packages even offer a toll-free number at no charge.

Create professional sites in minutes with their Easy Website Builder which includes website building tools, 4,500 website templates, and $50 in Google Adwords credit, all absolutely free. This simple website builder also provides you with free transfers for your websites, domains, MySQL, and Scripts. Control your website with the click of a button on your free Cpanel. This control panel gives you complete control of your website from instantaneously adding a shopping cart to managing your files or forums. Host Gator even offers a demo so that you can try out the Cpanel and Easy Website Builder for free online.

Create your own profitable web hosting business in no time with one of the reseller packages that Host Gator has to offer with little expense. Reseller package costs start at only $24.95 a month. Create your own prices, features, brand name, and packages and keep 100% of the money you make. You can set up your reseller account on your own but support is always available if needed.

Transferring your current website and domain has never been easier thanks to Host Gator. From a simple website to a dedicated server, you’re sure to find what you need. Full packages coupled with extremely affordable pricing and support makes them a hard competitor to beat.

BlueHost Hosting Reviews

Web Hosting with BlueHost

BlueHost has provided web hosting to thousands for over a decade. From complex business needs to a personal website, Blue Host web hosting has got you covered. Uploading and maintaining a website has never been easier.

The web hosting plans offered are affordable and flexible. Upon signing up you will choose between 12 to 36 months of service. One year plans start out at around $8.95 a month, with three year plans costing approximately $6.95 a month. Contact Blue Host for current pricing information 888-401-HOST, as prices are subject to change. Should you need to cancel your plan in the future, the company prorates the months of service not used and will issue monthly refunds for the life of the plan. So, if you signed up for a 3 year plan but cancel a year in, expect to receive a refund for the two unused years. However note that your refund will be issued monthly over the next two years.

Plans include benefits such as unlimited hosting space, 2,500 email accounts, and a free website builder to get your site up and running in no time. SSH, SSL, FTP, and website stats are also available. New accounts are given credits of $25 for Yahoo and $50 Google Ad, absolutely free. Other free perks include a domain name, forum, blog, and shopping cart.
Blue Host is a competitive web hosting provider that could easily meet your needs. Check out all they have to offer at

InMotion Hosting Reviews

inmotion hostingInMotion web hosting offers a range of unique web hosting packages starting with the $3 per month personal hosting plan all the way up to dedicated servers that start at just under $199 per month. In Motion essentially serves as a one stop hosting provider for anyone looking for virtually any kind of web hosting need, and they even handle web site design on spec. Some might consider an all-in-one provider a plus, while others might consider it a con. After all, how many businesses can dabble successfully in all areas of their chosen field? The expression about jacks of all trades comes to mind, but the truth is that InMotion’s web hosting solutions are fairly competitive for what one pays for.

What makes InMotion hosting interesting is their entry level price plan that starts at about half of what the competition charges: $3.00 per month. While that figure is always subject to change, the basic shared web hosting plan is perfect for anyone who has simple hosting needs. Examples of individuals and/or organizations with simple hosting needs could be families who use the web to keep tabs on relatives who live across the world, businesses trying to establish a very basic web presence, organizations and institutions trying to get their word out on a budget, and many others. In Motion helps meet the needs of this particular type of consumer by including an easy to use website builder that makes the whole process easier.

Customers who are scared of the website builder can take advantage of InMotion’s custom web design. A one-time fee to have a professionally designed website that is easy to update is certainly appealing to organizations that are too small to have their own IT staff handle such a task. It is worth noting that some of In Motion’s competitors offer similar services, but not many. Those that do tend to only design extremely expensive sites, but In Motion offers everything from comparatively basic sites to very elaborate sites depending on the needs and budget of any given customer.

Other than the basic shared web hosting plan, In Motion offers a second tier of business class shared web hosting, a trio of VPS packages, and bevy of dedicated server options for those that are serious about running multiple and/or intensive websites. All of In Motion’s sites are hosted on a state of the art network that integrates multiple data centers that balance the traffic load and ensure that a hardware failure on In Motion’s side of the fence never results in a down website. Rock-solid stability is a highly desirable trait in any web host and In Motion is the hosting equivalent of granite.

You can read a more complete and thorough review about this hosting service at the following inmotion review article.

Web Site Design and Traffics

When we are talking about running a web site we can’t ignore these two aspects, your web site design or looks and your website traffics. Your site design is your company represent in this online world, if your website looks professional people will have a warm feeling when arriving at your site. If your design is poor it will be hard for you to convince your visitor to trust your company, and don’t expect to get any business from them. Your visitors don’t know you or your company and you need to impress them at the moment they arrive on your website.

Traffic, on the other hand, is your online business lifeblood. Without traffics, your website is like a house in the middle of nowhere and no one knows that your website exists. No matter how great your web design is, if no one visits your site, it’s just like having an empty palace. You need visitors that will read your website, read your company profiles, doing business with you, or buy anything you offer. In laymen terms, no traffics means no business.

One of the best web site traffics sources is search engine such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. To be able to get traffics from those search engines you have to get your site ranks on those search engines for your targeted keyword. And to be able to get the ranking, you have to understand how to do SEO or have someone else to do the SEO campaign for you. SEO means search engine optimization, it’s a term to describe our effort to optimize our website so it rank high on search engine.

If you want to do the seo campaign yourself, you need to ensure your website designed properly so it is search engine friendly, fill it with useful and interesting contents, and also do your link building campaign. I have to say that doing seo yourself is not an easy task especially if you are not really experienced on this field. There are many factors you have to understand and it will need some times to see the result, if any. If you don’t have the experiences, maybe it will be better for your and your site if you have the expert to do the SEO for you.

Web Hosting Customer Reviews Site

Choosing the right web hosting to host your new site can be a daunting task, not because the lack of choices but it is due to the fact that there are simply too many web hosting choices available on the current market. If you are currently looking for a hosting provider to host your site, I believe you already do your research to find which hosting service to choose. If you confuse which one to buy I think this hosting review site can be a great solution for you since you can easily choose which hosting plan to choose that meet your need and budget.

There are several other hosting review sites however, I like this one since this site not only provide details about each hosting service but the site also allows the visitor to submit their reviews so the reviews are directly coming from the hosting customers and not only from the site admin who can be biased. Of course this hosting review site also provide top web hosting list which is chosen by the site admin based on various categories and factors for consideration. Those factors are the hosting uptime rate, user-friendliness, hosting server reliability, their customer services, and also average customer ratings. If you simply don’t know which hosting service to choose to host your site, I suggest you to choose one from this list, and you will not regret it.

For anyone who are still new in this field and don’t have any experiences on hosting field, this hosting review site also provides various guides and articles to help the readers learn and understand various aspects around this hosting industry. You can learn what is the differences between various hosting types, like dedicated, vps, reseller, and shared hosting, which one to choose for your web site, and many other information related to hosting industry. With lots of hosting sites that are offering various hosting plans and types, this kind of information can be really helpful for new webmasters who don’t have the experiences on this field.

Choosing The Right Dedicated Server Service

If you were searching for web hosting on the internet, you have probably realized the large quantity of ads for dedicated server hosting. If you are a beginner when it comes to computer systems and website hosting, you may not really know what a dedicated server host is.

A dedicated server serves just your site. You are, in a nutshell, hosting your very own website. You have got full power over the bandwidth, space as well as protection of the server. Generally, the provider provides you with the tools that you need so long as you keep using their service. Read the rest of this entry »

Is A Dedicated Server Worth The Cost?

When it comes down to web hosting, there is certainly nothing as powerful as a dedicated server, cloud computing is the single exception. Acquiring one makes it possible for a user to achieve up to zero downtime. Meaning to say, websites attain worldwide digital presence all the time, without losing a minute. In addition, any updates in the resources can be made rather quickly. Additionally, traffic jams and other hassles encountered on the internet seldom occurs. This is simply because, compared with shared hosting, all the disk space together with unlimited bandwidth are yours. No one shares them from you. Further advantages include total control and tremendous security. With all these and more benefits, there is very little misgiving why dedicated server hosting is a top IT service. Read the rest of this entry »

Pros and Cons Of Having Your Own Hosting

Shared web hosting is a way to get your website online with a reliable server. It has shortcomings when compared with a dedicated server. Depending on your style of enterprise, or reason behind your website, you may be better off using shared web hosting.

The following types of websites are much better off using shared hosting than a dedicated server:

* Supporter sites that do not distribute products but are devoted to a particular celebrity;

* Personal websites that are used to keep in touch with friends all over the country;

* Private promoting sites, such as those that post your resume or art;

* Small business websites that sell a service where the consumer calls your cell phone number;

* Commercial enterprise websites that retail specialty items and do not generate a lot of traffic. Read the rest of this entry »

Simple Tips on Growing Your Reseller Hosting Business

Level of competition is definitely hard in addition to continually active on the subject of that web host organization marketplace. Through the years, web hosting companies coming from around the globe are already being competitive towards one another, attempting to improve the products to be able to get additional clients. You can find a variety of strategies as well as approaches aimed towards enhancing on-line organizations, and using the following post I am going to found a number of practical tips to improve your own internet business. It can be specifically beneficial in case you are associated with value added reseller internet hosting organization.

Within hosting selling organization, any value added reseller in essence resells the additional host assets they bought originating from a mother or father web hosting service provider. Online customers these days are generally a lot more conscious regarding reliability for his or her website in addition to this can set resellers in the challenging scenario. Clients would likely think unconfident working with the central gentleman, that’s why, the idea simply pays for any value added reseller to be able to repackage as well as re-brand the web hosting offers to be able to look because their own personal system. Think about to create a special exclusive custom logo in addition to include that on the web site, this will likely provide an expression connected with professionalism and trust. Prospective clients would likely think extra reassured because of this. Read the rest of this entry »

Linux or Windows web hosting?

Which Hosting OS do you need? Linux or Windows?

When we are about to start developing a website for our company, we find a problem as the other web developer before us. What kind of server should we use? Is it linux or windows hosting? How to search a company that will provide you one of them, or even both operating systems. What are the requirements to choose them? Are they just the same, or do they have any difference?

Linux and Windows have their own advantages and disadvantages. You should choose one of them depend on the need of your future website. It depends on many factors. How is your budget plan? Which one is more familiar for you to manage? And what kind of script that you will install in your future website?

Why Linux?

Linux is an open source operating system that is freely distributed and developed without any financial charges (unless is you hire a technician to install and develop it) but you don’t have to buy the operating system. It’s completely free and available through out the world wide web freely. There are many script and software for linux that can be downloaded freely on the internet for the need of your website. Most of today’s website runs PHP on the server. This script runs well on linux server. It also run on windows server, but will have the better result when run on linux. However Microsoft applications are not compatible with this operating system. There are some feature that you will not get when you use linux.

Why Windows

One of the advantages of windows OS is that it can run ASP scrip language which will not be able to be run on linux. A plan on using ASP means that you have to use windows server. There many Microsoft application that can be run in this server. like linux, windows also have database. Microsoft windows interface very common in computer world, therefore it’s easier for you to use and manage it.

In the end, your choice will depend on your need based on the design, purpose and budget that you have. Therefore, budget should not be the main factor in deciding which OS that you need. It should always be your main goal that will influence your decision in choosing the right server platform. But don’t worry, there are many good companies that will help you choosing the right platform and script for your website, they will assist you when you tell them for what purpose is your website. Instead of just asking to one company, you can always choose to ask it to as many company as you like, to compare all the feature and price.

The other way is by visiting some webhosting review site or directory, that gives a clear description on many hosting companies. Usually they make a top ten rank