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Web Hosting Customer Reviews Site

Choosing the right web hosting to host your new site can be a daunting task, not because the lack of choices but it is due to the fact that there are simply too many web hosting choices available on the current market. If you are currently looking for a hosting provider to host your site, […]

Choosing The Right Dedicated Server Service

If you were searching for web hosting on the internet, you have probably realized the large quantity of ads for dedicated server hosting. If you are a beginner when it comes to computer systems and website hosting, you may not really know what a dedicated server host is. A dedicated server serves just your site. […]

Is A Dedicated Server Worth The Cost?

When it comes down to web hosting, there is certainly nothing as powerful as a dedicated server, cloud computing is the single exception. Acquiring one makes it possible for a user to achieve up to zero downtime. Meaning to say, websites attain worldwide digital presence all the time, without losing a minute. In addition, any […]

Pros and Cons Of Having Your Own Hosting

Shared web hosting is a way to get your website online with a reliable server. It has shortcomings when compared with a dedicated server. Depending on your style of enterprise, or reason behind your website, you may be better off using shared web hosting. The following types of websites are much better off using shared […]

Simple Tips on Growing Your Reseller Hosting Business

Level of competition is definitely hard in addition to continually active on the subject of that web host organization marketplace. Through the years, web hosting companies coming from around the globe are already being competitive towards one another, attempting to improve the products to be able to get additional clients. You can find a variety […]

Linux or Windows web hosting?

Which Hosting OS do you need? Linux or Windows? When we are about to start developing a website for our company, we find a problem as the other web developer before us. What kind of server should we use? Is it linux or windows hosting? How to search a company that will provide you one […]

When will you need a Dedicated Server?

When you feel that your website run slower than before, when you feel that your traffic is highly increasing, well, I think it’s time for you to think about a dedicated server. Because your previous hosting space, now is no longer able to handle the traffic or the space needed, or in short the high […]

shared web hosting

Shared hosting is when multiple website, could be hundreds, installed in the same server. So that all the website share space, bandwidth and other facilities in the same server. It is possible because not all the website use much space and bandwidth. Usually they are personal website, or small business or other website that needs […]

high loaded website needs dedicated server

One day, my website suddenly cannot be accessed by my user. It says account suspended. It was a big shock for me. My website was a cultural website where people can download many cultural contents from my island. My first step was complaining to the hosting provider but what did they say? They say my […]

Unlimited Bandwidth Web Hosting Facts

In web hosting service there must be some plan offered to the customers. Two most important elements in webhosting are disk space, is the space to where you put your file, and bandwidth, the amount of data transferred allowed in your website, Means the amount and quantity of the web page viewed by users in […]