Home Server Hosting

What Is Home Web Server Hosting?

There are many people on the net that wish they didn’t have to pay exorbitant hosting fees and any number of other related fees. There are many issues with using a hosting provider for their website and the most fundamental issue is that they have no legal right to the location the information is being hosted and there is always the possibility of tampering. While most trustworthy hosting services will never perform such tampering or censorship on information there are some that will censor websites simply to maintain their own personal guidelines.

To avoid changing fees and occasional censorship some individuals would prefer to perform their own hosting and operate without the safety net such a company provides for its clients. Home server hosting is by definition the act of hosting websites and information services at your own residential or commercial location.

The most important question to ask yourself before deciding in a home server is right for you is “Do I need a server for myself or is it for commercial use?” If the answer is yes to either then home hosting is for you.

The next step is to take into account the type of internet connection you have. Dial-up modems will not be good enough to host a server in this day and age. The necessary speed and connectivity for a server is based on upload speed. In short, the faster a site can upload information to your server the better. This will mean that high-speed internet is vital. Cable modems, DSL, and similar types of internet connection work fine.

Home Server Hosting Concerns

Beyond the connection speed and purpose of the home server there are a few items of interest to take note of. Security will always be a major issue with these types of projects. If someone manages to hack through to your system it will cause massive damage and if you are charging subscription fees this can cause major financial turmoil due to the necessity of repaying people for lost or damaged information. The most up-to-date and capable security features must be in place for commercial ventures such as home server web hosting.

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