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inmotion hostingInMotion web hosting offers a range of unique web hosting packages starting with the $3 per month personal hosting plan all the way up to dedicated servers that start at just under $199 per month. In Motion essentially serves as a one stop hosting provider for anyone looking for virtually any kind of web hosting need, and they even handle web site design on spec. Some might consider an all-in-one provider a plus, while others might consider it a con. After all, how many businesses can dabble successfully in all areas of their chosen field? The expression about jacks of all trades comes to mind, but the truth is that InMotion’s web hosting solutions are fairly competitive for what one pays for.

What makes InMotion hosting interesting is their entry level price plan that starts at about half of what the competition charges: $3.00 per month. While that figure is always subject to change, the basic shared web hosting plan is perfect for anyone who has simple hosting needs. Examples of individuals and/or organizations with simple hosting needs could be families who use the web to keep tabs on relatives who live across the world, businesses trying to establish a very basic web presence, organizations and institutions trying to get their word out on a budget, and many others. In Motion helps meet the needs of this particular type of consumer by including an easy to use website builder that makes the whole process easier.

Customers who are scared of the website builder can take advantage of InMotion’s custom web design. A one-time fee to have a professionally designed website that is easy to update is certainly appealing to organizations that are too small to have their own IT staff handle such a task. It is worth noting that some of In Motion’s competitors offer similar services, but not many. Those that do tend to only design extremely expensive sites, but In Motion offers everything from comparatively basic sites to very elaborate sites depending on the needs and budget of any given customer.

Other than the basic shared web hosting plan, In Motion offers a second tier of business class shared web hosting, a trio of VPS packages, and bevy of dedicated server options for those that are serious about running multiple and/or intensive websites. All of In Motion’s sites are hosted on a state of the art network that integrates multiple data centers that balance the traffic load and ensure that a hardware failure on In Motion’s side of the fence never results in a down website. Rock-solid stability is a highly desirable trait in any web host and In Motion is the hosting equivalent of granite.

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